Otr ElKalam is an international competition for Qur’an recitation and Athan (Call to Prayer), which is organized by the General Entertainment Authority (GEA)

The competition is considered the largest of its kind in the world and it aims to attract talented voices in Qur’an recitation and raising Athan.

The competition aims to showcase beauty and talents in the recitation of the Qur’an and the Athan (call to prayer.

Registration is currently not available, as the competition began its early registration stages in 2019, and More than 40,000 people applied from different countries of the world, and 36 participants qualified.

36 participants were shortlisted after being selected by the Judging Committee, and all participants have been contacted.

The Judging Committee decide to qualify the best 36 participants for the finalists, based on clear and accurate criteria; including beautiful voice, proficiency in Qur’an recitation, and proficiency in raising Athan (Call to prayer).

The episodes of Otr ElKalam Program are broadcast on the Saudi TV channel

More than 40,000 participants from 80 countries applied to the competition, and 36 from multiple countries were shortlisted to qualify for the finalists.

The competition is divided into two categories, the Qur’an recitation category, and the Athan category, and  18 participants compete in each category.

The competition consists of 4 stages, including the first stage, the second stage (quarter-finals), the third stage (semi-finals), and the final stage.

The competition will offer cash prizes for winners a total of SAR 12 million divided into both categories.

The evaluation criteria ensure equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their nationalities or ethnic backgrounds. Participants from multiple nationalities have been qualified.

All qualified participants for the finalist have been contacted.

The participants were contacted via the required information entered during the application process, including e-mail, mobile number for calls, and text messages.

All programs and events organized by General Entertainment Authority (GEA) will be announced in due time.

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There are 19 episodes, which will be broadcast from the beginning of Ramadan 1443 AH, one episode per day.

The number of members of the Judging Committee is 13, and all of the members are specialized in precise specialties, such as Athan (Call to prayer), readings, and the science of phonemic maqamat.

The number of members of the Judging Committee falls in line with the importance and magnitude position of the competition.

There are two of them and they are: Ahmad Nahas, the Muadhin of the Grand Mosque, and Osama al-Akhdar, the Muadhin of the Prophet’s Mosque.

Yes, all members of the Judging Committee memorize the Holy Qur’an, and most of them are certified.

The members of the Judging Committee were selected based on their great expertise in the field of Athan, Qur’an recitation, the science of readings, and the science of phonetic maqamat.